2016 Webinars

Why Frequent, Fast, Walkable Transit Matters, And How to Get More of it in California

Steven Higashide, author of the TransitCenter report "Who’s On Board 2016: What Today’s Riders Tell Us About Transit That Works," discusses key findings, relates them to transit reform efforts in California, and explains how TransitCenter (a national foundation) supports campaigns to improve transit based on these principles.

DECEMBER 8, 2016
2015-16 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

With the 2015-16 Legislative Session having ended September 1, and the Governor's September 30 deadline for acting on bills having passed, the Association's legislative advocacy team provides a recap of this year's transit-oriented outcomes.

OCTOBER 4, 2016
Assessing the 2016-17 Budget Act and Legislation Impacting Transit in California

The Association’s legislative advocacy team provides an in-depth look the at transit-related aspects of the 2016-17 State Budget proposal, including the details of budget trailer bills still being finalized, plans for the allocation of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund revenues accrued through the state’s Cap and Trade program, and projections for the State Transit Assistance (STA) program. The program also reviews other priority bills working their way through the legislative process that hold potential impacts on public transit, and discusses the evolution of three major transportation funding proposals offered by the Governor and the chairs of the Transportation Committees in both the Senate and the Assembly.

JUNE 22, 2016
State Transit Assistance Program Allocation Methodology

The California State Controller’s Office recently implemented a new interpretation of the statutes and regulations governing allocation of State Transit Assistance (STA) program funding. This presentation explores the basis for and specific impacts of the changes to the STA program, and provides the latest on the Association’s efforts to pursue a legislative remedy to the many unintended and potentially negative consequences of these changes.

APRIL 20, 2016
Safety Management Systems for Bus Transit Agencies

Presented in conjunction with the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Office of Transit Safety and Oversight (TSO), this presentation explores the initiatives of FTA’s Bus Safety Program and focuses on the major components of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and its critical supporting elements, in addition to presenting the benefits FTA believes SMS can bring to a bus transit agency’s safety management infrastructure.

FEBRUARY 23, 2016

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