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Transit 101

Transit 101 serves the purpose of educating new incoming legislators and their staffs about public transit, as well as to update returning legislators on transit priorities. It was instituted in 2013 as part of the Association’s advocacy strategy to bring public transit to the forefront with state policy makers. The event is typically held early during the first year of each new two-year legislative session.

The next Transit 101 will be held in 2025. 

The latest rendition of Transit 101 took place January 23, 2019. The Association's advocacy team conducted a briefing at the State Capitol that was attended by numerous staff members from both the Legislature and the Governor's Administration, as well as many local government and public agency representatives. The session was presented as part of a series of informational seminars on transportation issues which was coordinated by staff from the California Transportation Commission, the Senate Office of Research, and the transportation committees in both the Assembly and the Senate. View the presentation file used during the 2019 event.

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