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of public transit.

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The sunny side of the Bay

Make plans to join us
in the resurgent City of Oakland
for our 51st Fall Conference.

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The freedom of mobility

Why transit is not discretionary...
it's an essential service.

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Connecting us

Uniting an essential service with the resources it needs.

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Capitol gains

How working directly with Sacramento preserves state funding for public transit.

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Stand out by joining in

Why membership gives your organization a stronger voice.

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50 years

Explore half a century
of achievements, milestones
and vision.

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Special Session On Transportation

The Legislature has convened a special session to address the state's transportation infrastructure funding needs. Our challenge is to motivate the Legislature to address the current and growing funding needs of the state's public transit systems – and all transit supporters have a role to play in the effort.

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Our Newsroom

Reports from the Field

Read the latest updates and breaking news on how the California Transit Association is making a difference in its advocacy for better transit funding and policies.

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Transit California

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Our monthly e-magazine, Transit California, offers insider perspectives, trends and news for transit providers and other industry stakeholders. Subscribe for free and stay informed.

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