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Communicating clearly and effectively is the backbone of successful advocacy. Our brand—from our voice and tone to our look and feel—plays a key role in helping us achieve our goals. Effectively applied, the California Transit Association brand engenders respect, attention, and consideration, setting the foundation for a more effective dialogue about the needs of public transit. We connect riders to destinations, communities to economic progress, Association members to lawmakers, and industry professionals to like-minded industry professionals. We believe public transit is essential and serves as a vital connection to a better quality of life for all. These beliefs guided the creative development of our complete suite of business and marketing materials, including the look of this website. 

Key brand elements

  • Contemporary typography combined with swooping geometric shapes present our Association as an active, modern, and engaging organization.
  • The converging geometric shapes are emblematic of collaboration and bringing a shared vision of transit together.
  • The logo’s color scheme, inspired by hues found throughout our state’s naturally diverse landscapes, emphasizes both California and transit.
  • The Association’s tagline, “Connecting us,” works seamlessly with the visual identity to convey the spirit and purpose of not only our Association, but also transit in general.  

Every member of our team plays a vital role in bringing the California Transit Association brand to life and maintaining consistency that fosters a clear understanding of who we are as an organization. 

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