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Securing essential transit funding

Fully funded, efficient, and effective public transit systems operating in a balanced transportation network are essential to meeting California’s environmental, mobility, and equity objectives.  

Since our establishment in 1965, the Association has, with guidance from our Executive Committee and State and Federal Legislative Committees, spearheaded efforts to secure new funding to maintain existing transit infrastructure, improve transit service, and deliver transformative capital projects that connect us. Through these efforts, the Association has consistently delivered successful outcomes for California transit agencies and the communities they serve – from the enactment of the foundational Transportation Development Act (1971) and Senate Bill 1 (2017) to helping secure $10 billion in federal pandemic relief funds and the passage of the historic $8 billion state transportation funding package in 2022. What’s more, when transit funding is threatened – with cuts or redirection – the Association steps up to protect these vital resources.  

To learn more about our ongoing work, view our 2023 Objectives below.

The Association’s objectives for transit funding are established by our Executive Committee and State and Federal Legislative Committees through the adoption of our annual legislative program.  

As outlined in our 2023 State Legislative Program and 2023 Federal Legislative Program, the Association’s current objectives for transit funding include:  

  • Protect existing State transit funds, including the General Fund moneys appropriated in the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget Act, SB 1 (Beall and Frazier) [Chapter 5, Statues of 2017] funding, TDA, Public Transit Account, and Cap & Trade revenues for transit, from being eliminated, terminated, shifted or otherwise used for non-transit purposes, without specific repayment terms, and restore or obtain repayment of all previous loans or shifts of transit funds. 
  • Preserve the relative share of Cap & Trade revenues for public transit established in 2014 legislation and explore flexibility regarding the use of existing Cap & Trade revenues. 
  • Continue the work of the Transportation Development Act Reform Task Force, in response to a legislative request to review and suggest potential reforms to the Transportation Development Act (TDA). 
  • Advocate for additional state funding to address transit and rail agencies’ operating needs, and advocate for additional state funding to help transit agencies build back from the pandemic. 
  • Advocate for additional state transit funding from the Cap & Trade program. 
  • Advocate for additional state funding to support the transition to zero-emission transit vehicles across all modes. 
  • Support new local government funding options to support transit and infrastructure near transit. 
  • Seek resources to assist transit agencies in managing homelessness. 
  • Advocate for resources to help transit agencies recruit, retain, and train employees. 


  • Monitor Ongoing PEPRA and 13(c) Matter and Engage the Biden Administration and Congress, as Appropriate, to Ensure Funding to California Transit Agencies is Unimpeded. 
  • Ensure Transit and Rail Funding in Federal Appropriation Bills Match or Exceed Authorized Levels. 
  • Advocate for Restoration of Highway Trust Fund Solvency and Mitigation of Near-Term Cuts. 
  • Monitor disbursement of federal COVID-19 relief funding and engage Congress and the Administration, as necessary, to address barriers that may arise.
  • Scope the potential for securing additional federal relief.

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