The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the affairs of the Association, including setting policies and directing the Association's staff. The Executive Committee is typically comprised of 25 members, who serve a two-year term.

The structure of the Executive Committee is determined by a specific seating allocation as detailed in the Association’s bylaws: Ten of the seats are designated to representatives of the 10 “Permanent Group” member transit systems; these 10 agencies, the largest in the state, may designate their representatives to the Executive Committee. The 15 remaining seats are apportioned among and voted upon by caucuses representing passenger rail and ferry operators (1 seat), medium-sized operators (4 seats), small-sized operators (5 seats), transit governing board members (2 seats), business members (2 seats) and transit support groups (1 seat).

At the discretion of the Executive Committee, the number of seats may be increased to as many as 28 in order to rectify extenuating circumstances which may arise with regard to the seating of "Permanent Group" representatives.


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