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Voters Reject Proposition 6

November 7, 2018

Decisive Outcome Preserves Critical Funding for State's Transportation Infrastructure

Morning-after data confirms that Proposition 6 is headed for defeat. According to the Secretary of State’s office, 100 percent of precincts have reported, and the measure trails by more than 700,000 votes. Among the nearly 7 million votes tallied, 55.1 percent were cast in opposition to the repeal effort.

While the data indicates that 100 percent of the vote has been counted, official final counts have yet to be certified. No on 6 campaign officials estimate that voter turnout could be as high as 11 million. Should that number be reached, more than 60 percent of those additional votes would need to be cast in favor of Prop 6 for the initiative to pass.

The defeat of Proposition 6 ensures that funding provided by Senate Bill 1 (Beall and Frazier) will remain in place, supporting hundreds of transit projects across California.

“California voters recognized the importance of maintaining our state’s infrastructure,” said Joshua W. Shaw, Executive Director of the California Transit Association. “Mobility in the state will continue to improve as a result of SB 1, and California’s transit systems can now expect more financial stability thanks to the failure of Proposition 6.”

““Many combined efforts and a lot of hard work led to the defeat of this ill-conceived and potentially hurtful measure," said Association Chair Carl Sedoryk, General Manager/CEO at Monterey-Salinas Transit. "In the end, these efforts benefited those in our local communities who depend on transit service every day.”

What others are saying about the result:

“This is one of the most significant votes in America tonight, because where else have people voted to tax themselves to pay for what they need? People know you get what you pay for. We have built hundreds of thousands of miles of roads and highways, and you’ve got to keep them fixed up. Everybody knows, if you don’t fix your roof, it leaks.”

– Governor Jerry Brown

“We’re thrilled that California voters saw through the cynical measure that would’ve set back safety repairs to our roads and bridges for decades to come. By defeating Prop 6, California voters sent a message that they will support accountable transportation funding as well as our economy by protecting over 68,000 jobs across the state.”

— Michael Quigley, Executive Director, California Alliance for Jobs

“Rejecting Prop 6 means that we can continue to move forward with safety projects across the state, securing good-paying jobs and reliable transportation systems for working families. Attempts to play politics with our public safety will not be tolerated,”

— Robbie Hunter, President, State Building & Construction Trades Council of California

“By voting no on Prop 6, the citizens of California have ensured that our communities will have the funding they need to continue critical transportation improvements in cities across California, for our families and future generations.”

— Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director, League of California Cities

“Today, Californians made our voices heard: they voted to protect road and bridge safety, and make sure our counties can maintain and upgrade our transportation infrastructure. We congratulate the voters of California for seeing through the misleading tactics of the proponents and for helping to protect nearly 6,500 public safety projects on our roads and bridges.”

— Graham Knaus, Executive Director, California State Association of Counties