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Localizing Innovation

Localizing Innovation to Boost Community Engagement

How do transit agencies respond to expectations for new local-focused tools and platforms for community engagement and service innovation? During this presentation, Garry Golden discussed emerging opportunities that blend service design with data-driven innovations like “real-time” data and predictive planning tools to help customers.   The program looked at ways we can deal with privacy concerns and still expand customer feedback loops to improve quality of their experience.   Garry highlighted lessons learned from “crowdsourcing” methods of planning and problem solving, and concluded by looking at elements of the so-called Sharing Economy and peer-to-peer platforms like car-sharing and ride-sharing services and how they might help transit providers serve their customers.

Garry Golden is an academically trained futurist who speaks and consults on issues shaping business and society in the 21st century.  He was a keynote speaker at the California Transit Association’s 47th Annual Fall Conference and Expo, held November 7-9, 2012 in Palm Springs.

Download the presentation file from the program via the link below.

Localizing Innovation to Boost Community Engagement