California Transit Association


Innovation Theater Encore

Participants featured at our recent Fall Conference & Expo in Long Beach reprise four presentations showcasing how a technology or innovative product has helped modernize and advance public transit.

The program showcases:

  • Bus Stop Signage Providing Real-Time Information – presented by Connexionz Smart Transit Solutions and the City of Pasadena
  • Automated Maintenance, Inspection, and Workshop Processes Through a Mobile App – presented by Connixt, Inc. and L.A. Metro
  • Artificial Intelligence-Based Search of Maintenance Information  – presented by LexX Technologies and Montebello Bus Lines
  • Pedestrian Awareness Display by Lucerix  – presented by Lucerix International Corporation and Monterey-Salinas Transit

Watch the entire program, or download a PDF version of the presentation file from the program via the link below.

•  Presentation file in PDF format