California Transit Association


Assembly Bill 118

Funding Opportunities for Clean Fuel Advancement


The Association's September 28, 2010 webinar explored funding opportunities for clean-fuel technology advancements available through Assembly Bill 118.

The measure was signed into law in October 2007, and provides approximately $200 million annually through 2015 for new alternative fuel and air quality incentive programs. Transit agencies that already run alternative-fuel buses or plan to integrate alternative fuel technology such as hybrids and zero-emission buses into their fleets may qualify for funding under these AB 118 programs.

Many thanks go out to the day's presenters, Joe Calavita of the California Air Resources Board, Aleecia Macias of the California Energy Commission, and Robert Meyer of the Employment Development Panel. Thanks also to Sabrina Means, California Transit Association Legislative and Regulatory Assistant, who coordinated the day's program.

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To view presentations used during program, click below:

AB 118 Funding for Hybrid Tricks and Buses
presented by Joe Calavita, Air Pollution Specialist, California Air Resources Board

Opportunities for Transit Through AB 118
presented by Aleecia Macias, California Energy Commission

Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program
presented by Robert Meyer, Economic Development Coordinator, Employment Training Panel