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From informative sessions on how transit funding works to detailed reports on global warming’s impact on our industry, the Association’s webinar series demonstrates our commitment to ongoing member education and professional development. These free interactive forums allow our diverse membership base to learn and collaborate without the cost or time commitment typically associated with attending in-person seminars.

Past Programs

Use the links below to access materials from previous California Transit Association webinars.

TransitWiki: A New Interactive Resource

How it came to be, its value as a resource to transit agencies, and how transit agencies can enhance its value by contributing new content.

September 12, 2013
Localizing Innovation

Academically trained futurist Garry Golden discusses emerging opportunities that blend service design with data-driven innovations.

March 26, 2013
Better Data, Better Decisions

How do we validate, manage and make data more meaningful?

June 11, 2012
High-Speed Rail Draft Business Plan

Representatives of the California High-Speed Rail Association discuss the plan, at the time in the midst of a 60-day public comment period

December 7, 2011
Assembly Bill 118

Funding Opportunities for Clean Fuel Advancements

September 28, 2010
Beyond the Vehicle

Clean, Green and Sustainable

May 12, 2010
Transit Operations and the CHP

The Successful Annual Terminal Inspection

April 29, 2009
Climate Change and Transit

What the Fight Against Global Warming Means to Public Transportation in California

September 3, 2008