California Transit Association


2018 Conference Presentations

Use the links below to view versions of keynote and concurrent session presentations from the California Transit Association's 53rd Annual Fall Conference & Expo, held October 24-26, 2018 in Long Beach. Links below represent all presentations that have been received.


Seeking Opportunity in the Autonomy Economy
Jennifer Granholm, Former Michigan Governor

Fiscal Planning & Policy

The Times They Are A-Changin': Lessons Learned from Early ZEB Adopters
•  Doran Barnes, Foothill Transit
•  Donna DeMartino, San Joaquin Regional Transit District
•  Rudy Le Flore, SunLine Transit Agency/The Le Flore Group
•  Marc Manning, Los Angeles Metro
•  Carl Sedoryk, Monterey-Salinas Transit

The Safety Dance: Innovative Approaches to Enhancing Safety On-Board Buses
Jaime Becerra, North County Transit District
Lance Larson, Orange County Transportation Authority
Alex Z. Wiggins, Los Angeles Metro

Livin’ In the Future: Transit’s Evolution in a World of New, Emerging Modes
•  Ratna Amin, SPUR
•  Nolan Borgman, Los Angeles Metro
•  Stephanie Lotshaw, TransitCenter
•  Kate Toran, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
•  Jennifer Yeamans, Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority

Shiny Happy People: Building and Shaping Effective Teams
•  David Stumpo, Southern California Regional Transit Training Consortium
•  Norm Hickling, Antelope Valley Transit Authority


Back to the Basics: Proven Procedures for Daily Critical Repairs
•  Halsey King, Fleet Maintenance Consultant
•  David Nanjo, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus
•  Joseph Townsend, Orange County Transportation Authority

Building Infrastructure for Zero Emission Buses
•  Tony Cohen, Long Beach Transit
•  Tommy Edwards, SunLine Transit Agency
•  Mark Perry, Antelope Valley Transit Authority
•  William Zobel, Trillium CNG

BMP, Best Management Practices
•  Andrew Choi, Long Beach Transit
•  Paula Faust, City of Laguna Beach
•  Raymond Melleady, USSC Group
•  Dino Smith, Long Beach Transit

Technology and Its Impact on Fleet Repairs
•  Vikrant Aggarwal, Cummins, Inc.
•  Mark Anderson, Trackit, LLC
•  Bob Bach, LexX Technologies
•  G. Satish, Connixt


Women Leaders In a Male-Dominated Industry
•  Lisa Patton, Long Beach Transit

Succession Planning: Transforming Agency Personnel 
•  Michelle Caldwell, Foothill Transit
•  LaVerne David, Long Beach Transit


Marketing Strategies for Building New Ridership
•  Nydia Gonzalez, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority
•  Stella Lin, Orange County Transportation Authority
•  Heather Menninger, AMMA Transit Planning

#Trending – Marketing for the Digital Age: Connecting to Existing and Future Riders
•  John Gordon, Los Angeles Metro
•  Nella McOsker, Strategies 360, Inc.
•  Lisa Rheinheimer, Monterey-Salinas Transit
•  Alicia Trost, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District

Improving Your Agency’s Image
•  Sherita Coffelt, Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolink)
•  Capt. Lisa Hinz, Sacramento Regional Transit District
•  Mark Olson, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System


Food for Thought: Regulatory Realities of New Mobility and AVs
•  Maurice Bell, Keolis
•  Tim Haile, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
•  Gregory Rodriguez, Best, Best and Krieger
•  Lima Saft, Caltrans District 11

On-Demand Solutions: A Movement of People and Services
•  Alva Carrasco, Sacramento Regional Transit District
•  Kevin Clausen-Quiroz, City of Anaheim Community & Economic Development Department
•  Kate Welsh, Via Transportation, Inc.

ZEB Regulations: Impact on Operations
•  Michael Austin, BYD

Mobility-as-a-Service: Integrated, Seamless, Connected
•  Kyle Gradinger, Caltrans, Division of Rail and Mass Transportation
•  Lisa Nisenson, GreaterPlaces