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California Transit Association


The country’s economic downturn and our own recent state financial crisis continue to threaten funding for all government-related programs and services – especially local public transit. Our governor and state legislature must continually make tough decisions on policy and funding priorities. A strong, united voice for public transit at all bureaucratic levels is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. The California Transit Association is that voice.

Our team of legislative advocates works to promote multi-year transit funding and to represent transit's interests before the California State Legislature, the Governor and regulatory agencies on the local, state and federal levels. We maintain direct access to elected officials and government professionals, working closely with them to shape the future of transit.

We advocate with multiple intentions at our core: to direct the creation of transit-friendly policy, to protect and increase transit funding, and to support a balanced transportation system.

Our advocacy strategy is a multi-pronged approach to bring public transit to the forefront with state policy makers by:

  • taking a strong stance for the essential value of transit,
  • collaborating with a growing coalition of statewide partner organizations to maintain pressure on policy development,
  • serving as the thought leadership resource on transit matters when state decision makers seek timely and accurate transit-related information, and
  • working not only on behalf of our members, but alongside them.

In fact, our belief is that we are most effective when our more than 200 member organizations are informed and involved. We frequently update our members on policy developments through a variety of communications processes, and we enlist their participation in numerous outreach efforts, including personal visits with elected officials, testifying before legislative committees and regulatory agencies, and conducting media relations campaigns.

Each year's advocacy priorities are guided by the state and federal legislative programs that are developed in consultation with our state and federal legislative committees, and subsequently approved by the Executive Committee.

Transit Funding

Elevating the profile of transit during crucial state budgeting.

Cap and Trade

Persuading decision makers to invest new revenues in transit.

Updates and Bulletins

Keeping members informed on the latest policy and funding developments.

Priority Legislation

Taking a stand on today’s critical legislation.

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