California Transit Association


Governing Documents

A genuine, altruistic spirit. A desire for purposeful collaboration. A motivation for equal and fair representation for all members. These are the qualities that guide our Association and influence the strategic plans, bylaws and policies that govern our organization’s operation.

We are reminded of our Association’s purpose through a clear statement of our vision, mission and core values. Our business goals and the actions to be taken to fulfill them are carefully documented in a member-approved strategic plan. Financials are accessible to, and controlled by, our membership. And the rules and procedures leading to our well-defined work process are defined in our Association’s bylaws.

Vision, Mission, Core Values

A high-level account of our philosophy, our purpose and what we stand for

Strategic Plan

The "Owner's Manual" for the Association – it guides all that we do


The roles, rights and obligations of our members, committees, directors and staff


A snapshot of where our funding comes from, and how it is put to use

Legal Structure

How we operate is defined by who we are