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Solano County Transit (SolTrans)

<p>This is a picture of SolTrans' Vallejo Transit Center in Downtown Vallejo.</p> (Year: 2010)

Operating Revenue


Operating Expenditure


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Capital Expenditure


Fleet Inventory

Solano Express Commuter Fleet: 17, Local Fixed Route: 24, Paratransit: 8, General Public Dial-a-Ride: 1


Year Founded


Context for Year Founded

Solano County Transit (SolTrans) was formed as a Joint Powers Authority through the consolidation of Vallejo Transit and the Benicia Breeze.

Governing or Corporate Structure

SolTrans' member agencies include the cities of Vallejo and Benicia and the Solano Transportation Authority (STA). The organization is governed by a six member Board of Directors, which is composed of the Mayor and a City Council Member from each member city, Solano County's representative to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), and an ex-officio member from the Solano Transportation Authority (STA). The Executive Director and her staff carry out the direction provided by the Board in running the organization.

Significant Historical Milestones

After years of planning and negotiations, a Joint Powers Agreement was approved in the fall of 2010 by the City of Benicia, the City of Vallejo, and the Solano Transportation Authority to form Solano County Transit, better known as SolTrans, to meet the public transportation needs of south Solano County. Through its approval, the SolTrans Joint Powers Authority (JPA) was officially formed and represented the consolidation of Vallejo Transit and the Benicia Breeze, which were formerly operated by the cities for decades. The first meeting of the SolTrans JPA occurred on December 16, 2010, during which the Board of Directors were sworn in and, with the help of a transition team, discussed how the agency could begin to achieve financial stability, establish federal grantee status, develop an Agency logo, transition transit operations from the cities, recruit employees, and adopt bylaws. Approximately six months later, on July 1, 2011, SolTrans officially assumed transit operations from the cities under a unified service contract with MV Transportation. Less than a year later, the Agency hired its first, permanent employee, its Executive Director, on June 11, 2012. Since then the Agency has grown to eleven permanent employees, delivered a number of projects, and earned regional, state and national awards for its significant achievements in less than five years from its formation.

Notable Leaders

The first Chairperson of the Board of Directors was Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis. His fellow, founding board members (first Board of Directors) include Mayor Elizabeth Patterson (Benicia), Councilmember Mike Ioakimedes (Benicia), Councilmember Erin Hannigan (Vallejo), Supervisor Jim Spering (MTC Representative), and Mayor Harry Price (Solano Transportation Agency). SolTrans' first, permanent employee and Executive Director is Mona Babauta. She came on board on June 11, 2012. Prior to June 11, 2012, Daryl Halls, Executive Director of the Solano Transportation Authority played a key role in establishing the JPA, and between June 2011 and June 2012, Jim McElroy served as the part-time, Interim Executive Director to oversee the day-to-day operations.

Notable Achievements

APTA Gold Award for Safety received in May 2014 MTC "Excellence in Motion" award received in October 2014 STA's "Partner of the Year" award received in fall 2013 SolTrans' first groundbreaking ceremony was for the construction of the SolTrans Curtola Park and Ride Hub. This occurred in June 2014.

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Major Planned Investments

Construction of the SolTrans Curtola Park and Ride Hub, O&M Facility Rennovation, Construction of Compressed Natrual Gas (CNG) Infrastructure, Implementation of Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) System, Purchasing Battery Electric Buses for Local Fleet Replacements

Year: 2010

This is a picture of SolTrans' Vallejo Transit Center in Downtown Vallejo.

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Year: 2014

This is a picture of SolTrans' first groundbreaking on its first construction project as an Agency. Depicted here are local and regional leaders.

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Year: 2010

This is a picture of SolTrans' first Board of Directors. Depicted here are from left to right: Director Erin Hannigan (Vallejo), Chairperson Osby Davis (Vallejo), Vice Chairperson Elizabeth Patterson (Benicia), Director Mike Iaokiomedes (Benicia), Director Jim Spering (MTC Representative), Director Harry Price (Solano Transportation Authority Representative).

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Year: 2014

This picture depicts from left to right, Solano County Supervisor and MTC Representative, Jim Spering; Solano County Supervisor, Erin Hannigan; Vallejo Mayor, Osby Davis; Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson; Solano Transportation Authority Executive Director, Daryl Halls; SolTrans Executive Director, Mona Babauta. SolTrans had just received an "Excellence in Motion" award from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

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Year: 2014

The plaque in this picture was received from the American Public Transportation Association for excellence in safety achievements. Depicted from left to right are: Mona Babauta, SolTrans Executive Director; Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis; Vice Mayor Jess Malgapo (Vallejo); Mayor Pete Sanchez (STA Representative); Vice Mayor and SolTrans Chairperson in 2014, Mark Hughes; Mark Foster, Vice President of Operations, National Express Transit; and Benicia Mayor Elizabeth Patterson.

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Year: 2014

SolTrans Executive Director, Mona Babauta, is receiving the Transit Professional of the Year Award from the California Transit Association's Small Operators Committee.

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