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Santa Rosa CityBus

<p>Photos celebration the 50 year anniversary of Santa Rosa CityBus</p> (Year: 2008)

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City of Santa Rosa City Council

Significant Historical Milestones

Santa Rosa CityBus It was 1958 – Santa Rosa Municipal Transit began operating 2 routes with 3 buses. Santa Rosa had fewer than 30,000 residents who made approximately 1,000 bus trips each day. From these simple beginnings, Santa Rosa CityBus emerged and now operates 17 routes throughout Santa Rosa with a fleet of 32 buses. The city's population has grown too - folks are taking approximately 10,000 bus trips each day. Historically, the focus of Santa Rosa CityBus has been to provide a safe, convenient, and affordable transportation option to ALL who live, work and visit Santa Rosa. Bringing innovation to every aspect of Santa Rosa CityBus is the driving force behind this focus. To that end, Santa Rosa CityBus led the way in bringing accessibility to their fleet as one of the first transit operators with a completely wheelchair accessible fleet. For individuals who simply cannot utilize fixed route bus service because of medical or physical limitations, Santa Rosa CityBus manages Santa Rosa Paratransit, door to door service. This service, which is complementary to the regular fixed route service, began in the 1970s well before the American with Disabilities Act. Leading the way again, in 2007, Santa Rosa Paratransit launched an effective functional testing program to qualify riders for paratransit service. Santa Rosa CityBus is continually improving, updating and utilizing technology to provide clear, concise transit information for CityBus riders: • Printed Materials - are colorful, easy to read, full of useful information and available in English and Spanish. • The Telephone – customer service representatives answer any questions and help with trip planning. Extensive pre-recorded information is available 24 hours a day in English, Spanish and for the hearing impaired. • Online – Santa Rosa CityBus is constantly working to improve the options and quality of information available on the Internet. • In Person – transit services representatives are available in the Downtown Transit Mall to help transit riders with any part of their bus trip. And of course the bus operators are AWESOME! In addition, Santa Rosa CityBus installed electronic fareboxes enabling: transfers and 24-hour day passes that are issued and validated by the farebox; a 24-hour day pass; a 31-day pass and coming soon; E-tickets that will eliminate the need for a transfer. Clipper implementation will be completed by the end of 2015 with the official launch expected in early 2016. Santa Rosa CityBus has installed GPS on all of their buses and makes Real-Time bus information – My Santa Rosa CityBus – available on computers, smart phone apps and through texting, or calling our customer service representatives. Santa Rosa CityBus is very proud of their Community Focused programs, including the Learn to Ride City Bus – Travel Training Program which is designed to welcome, and encourage everyone in Santa Rosa to enjoy the benefits of riding CityBus. As the municipal transit operator in one of the Top 50 Greenest Cities in America, Santa Rosa CityBus continues to explore and implement technologies and programs that improve the environment as well as serve as a Clean Air Choice in the urban challenges of a growing city. Santa Rosa CityBus is setting the stage. Through focused planning we envision a transit system for everyone! By combining technology, with environmental stewardship and exemplary financial management, Santa Rosa CityBus will provide the growing and changing community with an appealing transportation choice.

Public Transit and Commuter Rail Agencies

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17 fixed routes.

Number of Rail Lines Served

None until SMART starts running.

Major Planned Investments

1. Purchase 12-18 Forty foot buses over the next 5 years. 2. Anticipating some transfer or station facility needs and rout/road design projects depending on the results of "Reimagining Santa Rosa CityBus" our short term and long range planning project.

Year: 2008

Photos celebration the 50 year anniversary of Santa Rosa CityBus

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Year: 2011

Santa Rosa CityBus takes delivery of new clean diesel buses from New Flyer.

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Year: 2013

Santa Rosa completed major improvements on the Downtown Transit Mall.

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Year: 2014

Santa Rosa CityBus installs Automatic Vehicle Location System and launches real-time Santa Rosa My CityBus with information available online, Smart Phones and via texting.

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