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Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency

<p>Soscol Gateway Transit Center, opened in 2012</p> (Year: 2012)

Operating Revenue


Operating Expenditure


Capital Revenue


Capital Expenditure


Fleet Inventory

38 VINE fixed route vehicles 11 VINE GO paratransit vehicles 8 on-demand vehicles – non paratransit


Year Founded


Context for Year Founded

Consolidation of all public transit services in Napa County

Governing or Corporate Structure

Napa County Transportation and Transit Agency is a Joint Power Authority made up of the County, Cities, and Town in Napa. Its governing board is made up of 2 members from each jurisdiction and a non-voting member of its Paratransit Coordinating Counsel.

Significant Historical Milestones

The Napa County Transportation & Planning Agency (NCTPA) was formed in 1998 as a joint effort by the cities of American Canyon, Calistoga, Napa, St. Helena, the town of Yountville and the County of Napa. The NCTPA serves as the countywide transportation planning agency and congestion management agency (CMA) The CMA's goals, duties and composition facilitate local governments to tackle the increasingly complex problem of traffic congestion.

Notable Leaders

Assembly member Bill Dodd led the effort to pass Measure T, a half-cent sales tax for transportation.

Notable Achievements

2009: Express commuter service to BART. 2012: Significant restructure and expansion of fixed route service – December 2012 2012 Express commuter service to Sonoma 2013 Express commuter service to Fairfield/Suisun Train Depot 2012 - Soscol Gateway Transit Center opens: The brand new Soscol Gateway Transit Center opens in December 2012. 2013 – Restructured St. Helena Transit services creating on-demand service in lieu of fixed route 2013: Completion of 2013-2022 Short Range Transit Plan 2013- 2014: Jameson Canyon State Route 12 widening project. 2013- 2014: Ridership increasing system wide 20% over 2013 and up 58% since the introduction of major service changes in December 2012. Rides per hour and on-time performance also increased on all VINE routes. 2015 – Restructured American Canyon transit services creating on-demand service in lieu of fixed route

Public Transit and Commuter Rail Agencies

Number of Employees


Annual Ridership


Number of Bus Routes Provided

13 bus routes, 4 Shuttles located in cities North and South of the City of Napa.

Number of Rail Lines Served


Major Planned Investments

• New Maintenance Facility - $38.3 million • New Fueling Facility - $3.8 million • Rapid Transit /SR 29- $31 million

Year: 2012

Soscol Gateway Transit Center, opened in 2012

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Year: 2012

The Yountville Trolley

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Year: 2014

VINE buses and daily bus riders,

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