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<p>ART service at the Anaheim Convention Center</p> (Year: 2012)

Operating Revenue


Operating Expenditure


Capital Revenue


Capital Expenditure


Fleet Inventory



Year Founded


Context for Year Founded

Transit operations to mitigate impacts of development in the Anaheim & Disneyland Resort areas.

Governing or Corporate Structure

Non-profit organization, governed by a local elected Board of Directors for the provision of public transit services to mitigate traffic congestion and air quality impacts

Significant Historical Milestones

ART began service provision in 2002 with 20 buses and annual ridership of 3 million. Over the past 15 years of service, ART's expansion in the unique demographic increased four-fold with farebox recovery ration exceeding 70%.

Notable Leaders

  • Former Councilwoman Gail Eastman Former Mayor
  • Speaker of the House Curt Pringle
  • Councilwoman Kris Murray
  • Assemblyman Tom Daly

Notable Achievements

  • Consistent increase in ridership from 3 to 9 million Increase in fleet from 20 to 73 buses
  • Farebox recovery of 70%
  • Funding structure based on local assessment to support transit operations without reliance on public funds (outside of capital improvements)

Public Transit and Commuter Rail Agencies

Number of Employees


Annual Ridership

9.1 million

Number of Bus Routes Provided


Number of Rail Lines Served


Major Planned Investments

Facility rehabilitation and procurement of zero emission buses.

Year: 2012

ART service at the Anaheim Convention Center

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Year: 2015

Riding through Anaheim Resort

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Tomorrowland of Transportation

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Year: 2015

Planning for the future of transportation in Southern California

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Year: 2014

The ART of Connecting the Dots -- Take me out to the ball game

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