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A Brief History of Transit in California

A compendium of California's public transit history in book form, A Brief History of Transit in California is the product of a collaboration between the Association and Elizabeth Deakin, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Urban Design at the University of California, Berkeley.

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In addition to an overview of transit history in California and across the nation, the book includes chapters on:

  • The role of the federal government in transit
  • Funding for transit in California
  • Linkages between transit and urban development
  • The growing importance of social and environmental considerations in providing transit service
  • Institutional arrangements for transit provision
  • What transit might look like in the future

An appendix to the book includes ten of papers authored by students at UC Berkeley, including:

  • Proposition 13: The Case of AC Transit
  • Improving the Pedestrian Experience to Transit
  • History of Bay Area Transit Agencies and Regional Coordination
  • Recent Trends in Transit Worker Wages and Benefits
  • History of BRT in California: Los Angeles and the Bay Area
  • Ridesharing: A Revisit to American Jitneys a Century Later
  • Big Transit in Little Berkeley
  • Early Rail Rapid Transit Proposals for Los Angeles
  • Factors Influencing Public Transit Ridership among San Francisco County Residents
  • The San Diego Trolley: The Little Light Rail That Could

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