California Transit Association


In 2015, the California Transit Association marked its 50th anniversary as the leading voice in support of public transit in California. In commemoration of this milestone, the Association presents this special resource through which you can revisit significant achievements and notable visionaries, and learn about the transit providers, support groups and business partners that comprise the Association.

Explore Transit History

Since its 1965 founding as the California Association for Publicly Owned Transit Systems, the Association’s first 50 years have seen significant achievements in support of public transit. Explore an interactive timeline of key milestones along the way.

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Gallery of Leaders

Learn about some of those who nurtured the development of transit in California, and whose vision has served as a blueprint for future growth, whether as torchbearers from the transit industry or champions of transit in the legislative and regulatory arenas.

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A Brief History of Transit in California

Read a compendium of transit history in book form, the product of a collaboration between the California Transit Association and Elizabeth Deakin, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Urban Design at the University of California, Berkeley.

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